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Freak of Nature

Starting early February, I'll be running a 5-week online course - FREAK OF NATURE - to help you get as deeply connected as possible with yourself, the Universe, & our breathtaking home planet.

This will strengthen your beautiful relationship with your own intuition & life-force energy.

You will learn to conduct the powers of nature through your embodiment with accuracy & precision, to embody your own inherent freedom, & to activate or step further into your abilities & gifts. 

This will bring you to a point where you can powerfully fire your lightning into the dark to make this world a better place.

I also do 1-1 sessions & coaching so let's see about working together with a free discovery call below!

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Lucy Verde Roze ~

Landed Earth-side in Zimbabwe + flew the coop as a kiwi in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As a life-long artist & entertainer, I delve into performance, audio/visual arts & the living art of storytelling.

As the creator of Paradise Rizing Studios ~ New Earth Arts & Entertainment Productions ~ I stand for unity consciousness [equality, diversity & inclusivity] to help our world rise into collective freedom together.

I specialise in Catharsis, supporting conscious creators & creative change-makers on their journey with the healing arts, to share their heart-felt messages from a place of true self-love, with clarity, compassion & conviction. 

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1-1 Service & Support

Are you a Creative Change-Maker driven to make a difference? 

If so & if this 1-1 mentorship service is for you, I will give you 10 weeks of personalised support along your heroic journey of life, walking through my creative process, The Seed of Freedom, together. 

During your training we will gain access to your super power, activate the lightning of creative genius within you & channel all your energy to fulfil your mission as a beacon of change for our world at this time.

We will make 2022 your best year yet in guiding the evolution of humanity.

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Freak of Nature

This online self-love workshop [Monday, January 31st at 7.30pm Auckland NZ time] will help you get in touch with who you truly are, activate the powerful principles of nature & associated art-forms that lie within you, & show you how to harness those powers to strike your light into the dark places of the planet.



CATHARSIS is your gateway to embodying the creative change-maker you were born to be.

CATHARSIS, your 33-day online group mentorship, will guide you in re-calling your natural creative spirit, harnessing your inner fire of compassion & supporting your r/evolutionary growth to change the world for the better.

During this 5-week / 33-day mentorship we will meet twice per week for creative change-maker masterclasses, varied applied artwork sessions & think tanks, plus much more support to get you into the flow & powerfully co-creating Paradise on Earth.

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Freedom Rider Bootcamp



This 5-part self-help mini-course in Journalling will help you find the weaponry inside your heart to create positive change in your life, reclaim your inherent free nature & shine bright to light up the world.

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The Paradise Rizing Show


Pull up a seat, make yourself cosy & get ready to learn from the world's brightest creators & free-thinkers of our time.

Being in studio with musicians, painters, jewellery-makers, activists, actors, writers, directors & whoever else we may connect with, it is our honour to have them share their wisdom & experience of "the change-maker's path" to empower us into our own personal & collective freedom.


Client Testimonial

Sam Tourville

"I had the pleasure of attending the first Catharsis container & am so glad that I did.

Lucy presented wonderful, insightful information for spiritual & emotional growth, advice & direction on activism, & encouragement & guidance for incorporating art into aspects of my life I had never considered before. 

But most importantly, to me, she created a forum for open & honest discussion, without fear of judgement, that lead to some incredible, eye-opening conversations on a huge variety of subjects.

I looked forward to every live forum & have deeply missed them since the container ended.

I would recommend Catharsis to anyone interested in spiritual growth, activism, or the arts no matter what point in your life path you are, & for anyone seeking a supporting spiritually based community to share their thoughts, feelings & experiences."

Jade Berman

Being part of Catharsis brought out my inner creative and reignited the flame within for change. Lucy creates a safe space for sharing, bringing people together to learn and grow. She takes you on a journey highlighting the beauty of how healing the arts can be.

Through this process, I connected not only with others but also with different parts of myself that has been so valuable in my personal journey of growth. I highly recommend connecting with Lucy and joining Catharsis to get those creative juices flowing and deepen your understanding of how to harness that power to help heal the world.

Louise Qiu

Lucy is a visionary, kind-hearted human that offers divine guidance and support for creatives/change-makers who knows they’re here to make a difference. Working with her guarantees you a supporter who sees what you and your work are capable of, beyond your own limitations.

Lucy facilitates Catharsis containers in a way that allows for safety to express freely, diverse conversation, celebration of one another and deep respect, despite differences in perspectives or opinions. A true embodiment of diversity, vulnerability and collectivity amongst difference.

Featured New Earth Artists


Part of my mission is to amplify incredible creations from some of our world's compassionate & conscious artists, streaming across free-to-view platforms as #ThePeoplesMedia.

Now is the time to raise our collective consciousness out of systemic oppression based on [including but not limited to] gender, race, nationality, species, socio-economic status, & personal health choices.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for our upcoming "The Paradise Rizing Show" podcast where we will connect with many free-thinkers & creators of our time.

Conscious Creation Playlist


I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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Re-Calling Our Super Power

Our Spotify playlists have been lovingly curated since April 2020, with the intentions of sharing real-time real-life Planet Earth stories, & empowering the artists & the listeners  back into our inherent free nature.


Manifest Freedom
Rise Together
Vibrate Out

Visual Art

Having been a visual artist for most of my life, I have a passion for paint, colour, texture, shapes, metallics, light & dark, positive & negative space...

Please check out my Artwork here if you're interested in the visual / visionary arts, global awakening, or my days as a full-time activist for Animal Rights.

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Heroes & Villains

We are all the heroes of our own story, & potentially the villain for many others.

Embrace all aspects of who you are to free yourself & re-claim your power.

I'm grateful to be represented by Heroes & Villains acting & talent agency. Check out the tribe below.


Artist Credits

K. Mitchell

Greg Tallent

Paul Whitham

Sonny Vandevelde

Michael K. Chin

Tom Annetts

Shay Govan

Stay Classy Planet Earth!


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